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The Studio Español Experience

At Studio Español we pride ourselves on our fun, engaging learning setting. Our native-speaking teachers provide a rich and authentic experience, allowing students to tap directly into the source of the Spanish language.

You won’t find any true-false, multiple-choice, or memory drills here. Just real-world practice communicating in Spanish. Our studio setting is designed to facilitate collaborative learning – students are speaking Spanish on the first day, conversing in a round table setting.

It is the experience, the journey, as much as the destination. Learning, like life, is an ongoing work of art!

We provide opportunities for all types of learners.
From group classes to private tutoring,
and specialized corporate classes designed to support businesses’ multi-lingual efforts.

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Spanish For Business Professionals

Traveling to a Spanish speaking country for business? Need to learn business Spanish to improve team communication?

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Studio Español

Spanish Lessons For All

Our Spanish speaking lessons provide a fun and dynamic setting for all students to experience “the joy of learning Spanish.”

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Find Your Private Spanish Tutor

Our one-on-one Spanish tutor courses provide an enjoyable and personal opportunity for all students to experience “the joy of learning Spanish” with a private Spanish tutor.

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Our Unique Approach

You won’t find any true-false, multiple choice, or memory drills here. Just real-world practice communicating in Spanish. We aim to achieve mastery, not just high scores.

Our studio setting is designed to facilitate collaborative learning – students are speaking Spanish on the first day, conversing in a round table setting.

Curated Spanish Curriculum

Each session includes comprehensive practice in the fundamentals of the Spanish language paired with carefully tailored role-play conversations to help students hone their core Spanish abilities in an interactive, dynamic, and engaging setting.

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Speaking, listening, and conversing

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3010 – Translate hello! ¡hola! Translating to and from Spanish

Collaborative Learning

Practicing Spanish with others amplifies your learning and makes for a fun, engaging setting. Everyone thinks differently which helps to broaden your understanding.
Hearing oneself speak helps build confidence in your skills.

Get out of the house and meet some unique and intriguing people!

Expert Instruction

Having a teacher provides context and structure, and is an integral resource for your continued education. Our native speaking instructors provide an opportunity to practice listening to genuine Spanish accents from around the world!

But can’t I just learn with an app?

There are many digital resources for language learning, and they are great practice tools! But nothing compares to a live, native speaking teacher available to answer any of your pressing questions and clarify the most common pitfalls of the language.

See the studio in action in our new video!

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I am in a beginner Spanish class that Camila is teaching for SRG Global and wanted to reach out to Studio Español to provide some feedback. Camila is doing a fantastic job with our group! She is a very engaging teacher and the whole class is learning a lot. We have fun every class and love learning the language from Camila! I look forward to continuing the class with Camila. Regards

– Nate Srugis

I’ve been taking classes at Studio Español for about 18 months and am amazed how much I have learned in that time. Joaquin’s teaching style is a bit unconventional and that’s what makes it fun and makes me want to come back, week after week! If Joaquin isn’t there, someone else from his amazing staff steps in so we don’t miss a beat. Me encanta mi clase de español!

– Pam Hall

Studio Español offers a great private tutoring program for beginners who want to learn conversational Spanish in a short period time without compromising grammatical skills.

– Rejji Hayes


How many students are in each Spanish language course?

How is Studio Español different from other Spanish language centers?

How can I find out when specific classes meet?

How do I know what level I should be in?

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classes online!

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