Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish?
We offer Spanish programs for all levels at our studio or at your site.

Spanish for Business

Help your employees improve their communication with the Spanish speaking world by offering an employee Spanish program. We tailor programs to fit your schedule at your location or our studio. Learn more about Spanish lessons for your business here.

Small Group Classes

Our small group Spanish classes provide a fun and dynamic setting for all students to experience “the joy of learning Spanish”. We offer classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. Our goal is to help you learn Spanish in an enjoyable setting.

Private Tutoring

We offer private Spanish tutoring for adults and school age children. Private tutoring is ideal for students who have specific goals, need extra help in school or need flexibility in the level of intensity and scheduling. Learn more about our Spanish language school in Birmingham here.

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“My wife and I have been students of Joaquin’s for several years and have enjoyed learning Spanish in his comfortable, friendly group sessions of conversation, writing and grammar instruction.  His course has benefited us immensely as we spend many months in Mexico.  With language skills we can more thoroughly enjoy the people and places.  On a professional level, it is gratifying to see how relieved a Spanish-speaking patient is, when he or she encounters a physician with whom they can communicate.”

Eric Hanson

“My wife and I have been taking spanish with Studio Espanol for almost 2 years. Neither of us had any spanish language education before. It has been a great experience. We have learned a lot, but what is most important to us is they are very accepting of all levels of knowledge. They are very supportive of each individual and make the class a non-threatening and enjoyable experience that makes us want to continue the program and improve our Spanish.”

Steve Whiting

“Gaby Saldana is absolutely delightful and I couldn’t be happier with her class. It’s challenging but never discouraging and always fun — even the homework. She’s a natural at teaching. I am not that natural as a student and have been frustrated in previous attempts to learn Spanish but finally know I’ll be able to do this. Thanks to Gaby my next visit to Mexico will be a much richer experience. I have already told friends how wonderful Studio Espanol is. Gracias, Gaby. ¡Eres fabulosa!”

Emily EverettGrosse Pointe, MI

“Communication is the key in a psychiatrist’s life. Increasingly one has to be bi-trilingual in this country. Many jobs advertised that I saw in Massachusetts felt that knowing more than one language was a plus. Joaquin’s class provided us with reading, writing and conversational Spanish which was presented in a very down-to-earth, fun manner. Though I will require an interpreter to do the evaluations, I felt that I will be able to follow some conversation due to the classes. Thank you Joaquin.”

Asah KeshavanPsychiatrist

“I am very happy with the progress that my children (Carlo and Emilio) are experiencing in learning Spanish. Joaquin, Gabriela and Camila are excellent teachers. Thank you.”

Francisco Leyva

“I liked Joaquin’s approach; a challenging class using a great workbook, but also a lot of fun, too! And he provides ample time to practice your Spanish in conversations with fellow students.”

Alysa HuntonDevelopment Officer, The Honors College

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