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I am in a beginner Spanish class that Camila is teaching for SRG Global and wanted to reach out to Studio Español to provide some feedback. Camila is doing a fantastic job with our group! She is a very engaging teacher and the whole class is learning a lot. We have fun every class and love learning the language from Camila! I look forward to continuing the class with Camila. Regards

Nate Srugis

COURSE TAKEN, Learning Spanish For Business

My wife and I have been taking Spanish with Studio Espanol for almost 2 years. Neither of us had any Spanish language education before. It has been a great experience. We have learned a lot, but what is most important to us is they are very accepting of all levels of knowledge. They are very supportive of each individual and make the class a non-threatening and enjoyable experience that makes us want to continue the program and improve our Spanish… Thanks

Steve Whiting

COURSE TAKEN, Learning Spanish For Business

I’ve been taking classes at Studio Español for about 18 months and am amazed how much I have learned in that time. Joaquin’s teaching style is a bit unconventional and that’s what makes it fun and makes me want to come back, week after week! If Joaquin isn’t there, someone else from his amazing staff steps in so we don’t miss a beat. Me encanta mi clase de español!

Pam Hall

COURSE TAKEN, Learning Spanish For Business

Studio Español offers a great private tutoring program for beginners who want to learn conversational Spanish in a short period time without compromising grammatical skills.

Rejji Hayes

COURSE TAKEN, Learning Spanish For Business


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