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The best methods to speak fluent Spanish

fluent Spanish
fluent Spanish

How long have you had “learn fluent Spanish” on your bucket list? Chances are for far too long. And finally, when one decides to start learning, it always follows with this question, “What’s the best method to study Spanish?”

And we get this question a lot. Here is a secret: there is no one best way to study Spanish. There are almost as many effective ways to learn Spanish as there are people who have known it. But we can’t talk about all of them. Hence, based on our experience, we have highlighted what we think as the most efficient for most people. 

Find an online tutor to speak with every week.

If you are to do one thing in your quest for Spanish fluency, my recommendation would be to focus on this method. The fact of the matter is, having an online tutor will quadruple your results. An online tutoring session is focused on you because you are the reason for the class. That’s why you will do the speaking and hearing. Having an excellent Spanish tutor is undoubtedly the main reason I could get to Spanish fluency in less than a year.

Use language exchanges to speak with native speakers.

Language exchanges are also another excellent and free way to learn fluent Spanish. Unlike any time in history, you can speak with Spanish speaking people from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. All you need to do is find a native Spanish speaker and ask, “let’s spend the first 30 minutes speaking in Spanish and the next 30 minutes speaking in English.” Of course, the amount of time can vary, but the important part is you are meeting some new friends and learning to become fluent in Spanish.

Listen to podcasts in the Spanish language.

Podcasts are fantastic because you can listen to them whenever you are doing unengaging activities like walking the dog or folding the laundry. Any activity that doesn’t require your brain’s attention is perfect for listening to a podcast episode in Spanish as well. You can easily stream or download free episodes from different podcast apps. The good news is there are some great Podcasts out there for those that like hearing the Spanish language in spoken format.

Begin writing in Spanish

We genuinely believe that you need to start thinking and acting like an actual native speaker to learn fluent Spanish. How can you do that? If you immerse yourself in the language, you will gradually begin to think like a native. The best way to start thinking in Spanish is to write in the language periodically.

Do you keep a daily journal? If you already do, you can start to write at least half of it in Spanish. That is a great way to stretch your mind and push yourself to use and think up new words.

Join a course or an online Spanish membership to enhance pronunciation and grammar

If you decide or already have decided to learn Spanish by yourself, you probably struggle or will with what to study next. Also, most self-learners struggle with being consistent, staying focused, and, most importantly, improving their weak areas. The best part about being part of a good online or offline Spanish course is that the structure is already laid out for you.

We hope this article helps your language learning journey. Learning Spanish is such a fun challenge, and we are sure you will enjoy it too. Have you learned Spanish, or are you studying it at the moment? If you need help, you can always contact us for a FREE trial at your work onsite or online to try our methodology.

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