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We’ll assess your learners’ proficiency and build a program to expedite their spanish language journey.

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Spanish training for business

Looking for Spanish language training or customized Spanish training for your team? Studio Español delivers relevant language learning, custom-tailored to your specific business needs.

Our conversation-based lessons are taught by native-speaking live instructors to emphasize communication over memorization. Our unique learning model focuses intently on conversational Spanish and sets us apart from apps, textbooks, and other traditional approaches.


Our Spanish language program will improve your business

Expand your business and motivate your team with our custom Spanish program at your location or online.

Motivate your team

Employees feel the business cares about their professional growth and development. Spanish training allows employees to have positive interactions with new team members and connect with co-workers and counterparts in Spanish speaking regions.

Save money

Investing in our Customized Spanish training means saving a lot of time, which is money. Money wasted in misunderstanding and miscommunication that can be easily avoided through improved communication.

Open to new markets

New clients, customers, employees, suppliers. Today's work environment is increasingly diverse and multicultural. Our Spanish language and culture training opens doors to new business opportunities.

Custom curriculum designed for your business

We specialize in Spanish language training for professionals.


What our clients are saying


Great investment

“Our Spanish classes have definitely helped me with automotive-related vocabulary and terminology. We have covered the names of many vehicle components, but I notice it most when the other students tell us about their jobs at the beginning of class. We’ve learned the proper words to describe automotive suppliers and dealerships. Since Dave works with engine part suppliers, we have also covered engine components and the manufacturing processes for those components. For me personally, I have learned how to describe what I do at Chrysler which is Vehicle Safety Testing. That has been helpful when we have a substitute instructor. I am able to introduce myself and tell them about my position. Regards,”
Ron Evans

Vehicle Safety Engineering,
Fiat Chrysler Automotive


Achieved our goals

Our company held a series of Spanish classes on-site at our office in Rochester Hills. Joaquin was our instructor and I could not say enough positive things about him and his teaching ability. He promoted a working environment where the entire class was engaged and actively participated. Since the majority of the class was introverted mechanical engineers, this was no easy feat. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions. Thank You.”
J. Stratford

Product Engineering Manager, DURA


Highly engaging

Me llamo Marco, y soy el dueño gerente de GSI. Cintia is a very effective teacher. She is attentive to the student’s needs while keeping the class moving forward and learning at a good pace. She is very knowledgeable about the subject and is able to teach it in a friendly and efficient way. We are learning Spanish faster and more completely than we expected and we attribute it to the class structure, teaching methods, and Cintia herself. Thank you again!
Marc Gemellaro

CEO & Owner, SRG Global

The Studio Español experience

Step 1

Determine your needs

We will create a program to accommodate your schedule, level, goals and needs specific to your company and industry.

Step 2

Live Programs at your office and online

Spanish classes may take place at your work site and online with the best Spanish instructors.

Step 3

Support and Measuring Success

We provide students with ongoing support and measuring of their progress and abilities.