FCA designs, engineers and manufactures passenger cars, LCVs,  components and production systems for customers worldwide. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Studio Espanol was brought in by FCA’s need to help their international team become fluent when conversing in Spanish with their Spanish speaking team and stakeholders.

We held two meetings per week for over a year. Our conversational approach is best described by the quoted testimonials below from two of the participants. After the program finished, several of the participants continued studying with us and currently online with a live instructor due to Covid-19.

Based on their needs, request and schedule, we customized a program for classes at their offices with sessions twice per week. Participants also used the online forum to converse with us during sessions to really learn and grow professionally and personally.


“Our Spanish classes have definitely helped me with automotive related vocabulary and terminology.  We have covered the names of many vehicle components, but I notice it most when the other students tell us about their jobs at the beginning of class.  We’ve learned the proper words to describe automotive suppliers and dealerships.  Since Dave works with engine part suppliers, we have also covered engine components and the manufacturing processes for those components.  For me personally, I have learned how to describe what I do at Chrysler which is Vehicle Safety Testing.  That has been helpful when we have a substitute instructor. I am able to introduce myself and tell them about my position. Regards,”

Ron Evans, Vehicle Safety Engineering

“The lessons are conversation based, he uses a lot of videos, reading materials and has us translate on the go, grammar is being explained and then we practice! There is a big variety in each class so it never gets boring. Joaquin and his team come to FCA every week to accommodate our schedule and is now actually teaching two groups here at our offices in Auburn Hills. I highly recommend Joaquin as a Spanish teacher and I think I can speak for all of us.”

Desiree Van Schagen, International Catalogs and Auto Shows