GSI is a team of hi-level security and network specialists combining a deep expertise of both areas with an uncommon ability to integrate the two. They deliver the smartest solutions and comprehensive, proactive programs for clients throughout Southeast Michigan and across the country. Headquartered in the Detroit metropolitan area, GSI approached Studio Español as they had some big projects located in Mexico.  They needed Spanish training for their employees in their two locations in the Detroit area working with a large Spanish speaking customer.  

GSI hired us for our non-traditional training approach based on conversational Spanish; not multiple choice, fill-in the blanks a true or false so frequently used in academic setting, which is not practical in the real world. We also incorporated cultural training in the business setting, as well as vocabulary pertinent to their particular jobs and industry. When the COVID 19 pandemic started we continued serving them online with a live instructor.

Below are testimonials from the GSI’s CEO and CFO who participated in the program with sessions twice per week. Only after a few months since we started the Spanish conversational program, most of the participants were able to communicate with their Spanish-speaking colleagues.


Cintia is a wonderful teacher and very patient with her sometimes unruly class.:). As a group of adults many of us haven’t had to sit in a classroom situation in many years, let alone do homework. She has made the learning easy, useful and fun. It is a pleasure to come to class. As a busy company it would be easy to skip the class to get our work completed but no one wants to miss a class and we work hard to accommodate the schedule. That is a testament to the structure of the class and her teaching style. Regards,

Sharon Gemellaro, CFO

Me llamo Marco, y soy el dueño gerente de GSI. Cintia is a very effective teacher. She is attentive to the students’ needs while keeping the class moving forward and learning at a good pace. She is very knowledgeable about the subject and is able to teach it in a friendly and efficient way. We are learning Spanish faster and more completely than we expected and we attribute it to the class structure, teaching methods and Cintia herself. Thank you again for asking for our feedback! Merry Christmas!

Marc Gemellaro, CEO & Owner