SRG Global

SRG Global®, a Guardian company, is one of the world’s leading  manufacturers of high value coatings on plastic for the automotive and commercial truck industries with a manufacturing presence in major world regions including North America, Western and Central Europe and Asia. SRG Global is headquartered in Troy, Michigan and approached Studio Español as it had some big projects located in different Spanish-speaking regions.  They needed Spanish training for some of their people working with their Spanish speaking suppliers and counterparts for its headquarters in the Detroit area.

One of SRG’s suppliers (a client of Studio Español) recommended us for our unconventional training program. They were looking for Spanish language and cultural training for a small group twice per week. We customized a program and scheduled training at their facilities and “delivered above their expectations.”

Only after a few months since we started the Spanish conversational program, most of the participants were able to communicate with their Spanish-speaking colleagues.


“I really enjoy having the Spanish class given by Alejandra. She is very considerate that she never left anyone behind no matter their Spanish level. Another standout point is she has a lot of her own input into the class to help us better understand and memorize. I believe she also enjoys teaching and has a lot of passion when she teaches. I hope I can continue being her student for the coming year. Thanks,”

JEFF ZENG, Product Development Engineer

Hola! I was in Spanish 2 for probably half of the year. I absolutely loved Spanish class and all the instructors. It was my favorite part of the work day/week. …I thought it was a great program to have! Regards,

KHOA NGUYEN, Product Development Engineer