Walbridge provides construction services. The Company builds and renovates airport terminals, factories, museums, schools, corporate headquarters, wind generators, military buildings, recycling centers, and other commercial buildings. Headquartered in Detroit, Walbridge approached Studio Español as it had some projects in Mexico.  They needed Spanish training for some of their key people working with with their Mexican counterparts. 

They hired us for our non-traditional training approach based on conversational Spanish; not multiple choice, fill-in the blanks a true or false so frequently used in academic setting, which is not practical in the real world. We also incorporate cultural training in the business setting, as well as vocabulary pertinent to their particular jobs and industry.

Only after a few months since we started the Spanish conversational program, most of the participants were able to communicate with their Spanish-speaking colleagues. Students learned to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish. 

Our native Spanish speaking instructors pride themselves on making our programs not only productive but also engaging.  Participants look forward to learning as they know they are learning useful and practical concepts and applying them in their day to day work. 


“I want to again thank you for your compassion and patience with myself and all my fellow students for the past 6 months. I can now read the majority of the Spanish correspondence I receive through e-mail and other documentation from our Mexico Offices, and when our fellow Mexican employees are speaking, I can at least understand most of what they are saying!” 

Joe Chemello, Vice President