Conversational Spanish for Beginners II: August 2022

Become a fluent Spanish speaker

In Studio

August 8, 2022
6:15 pm





Course description

This series will continue building on what was covered in Spanish for Beginners I and review the fundamentals, including Ser, Estar, Hay, Regular verbs, time and numbers, and more. We will continue to introduce yourself and other people, express where you are from, where you live, work, need, etc in a small conversation setting.

Through readings, conversations, exercises and listening and speaking practice, participants will continue learning and using Spanish. As discussed, it is a process, let’s enjoy the ride.

  • 8-week program

  • Once per week

  • 1:15 hour/session

  • Maximum of 9 students per group

  • Native Spanish speaking instructor

  • Enrollment fee

  • Book and materials

  • Follow up programs

Conversational Spanish for Beginners II: August 2022


Join us and enjoy learning Spanish.


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