Where is Studio Español located?

In Birmingham, Michigan. 988 S. Adams, suite 206. North of Lincoln and east of Woodward. We are in the building next to Primo´s Pizza, with free parking behind.

How many students are in each class?

Generally, classes consist of six students to twelve students.

How long will it take me to learn to speak Spanish?  

Like learning to play an instrument, a sport, or any worthwhile endeavor, it depends on each individual and his/her commitment and individual ability. Most of our students stay with us for a long time as they see their progress. It also depends on each person’s goals.

Will I receive a certificate after completing a class?  

Students may request a certificate of completion at the end of each series.

Will I need textbooks?

Books and materials are included in our programs.

How can I find out when specific classes meet? 

We have several regular group times at our studio posted under Class Notes but we encourage you to email us at info@joaquinf2.sg-host.com or call us at 248-703 9434 for the most up-to-date schedule of classes.

How long is each series?

Each series at our studio is for 8 weeks, a total of 10 hours.

How many classes in a week?

Most groups meet once per week for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Are the instructors native Spanish speakers?

All of our instructors are native Spanish speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Make-up policy

We understand that making every group class may not always be possible. Therefore, you are welcome to make up two group classes per series. You may attend a make-up class the week of or after your absence with a different group. Please check with us regarding the schedule of available classes and times.

What is different from other Spanish learning programs?

Our methodology is based on conversations in a relaxed and fun environment. Conversations are the natural way we all learn our native language. By speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish we start hearing, speaking, and listening to other Spanish speakers, and reading and writing in Spanish. Our small group sessions are fun and productive. Students help and learn from each other. We feel that by making the journey of learning Spanish enjoyable, everybody benefits.

What do we think about software language training?

We feel like it cannot hurt but like learning to play a sport or an instrument, it falls short. Would you learn to play golf or tennis with software?

Is there a placement test?

No. Students new to Spanish need to join the Beginner’s class. Those with previous experience may try out any of our ongoing groups.

Is there free parking?

Free parking is available behind the building.

Do you offer In-company training?

We offer language programs at companies in person and online. Please contact us for a customized plan.

Do you offer Private tutoring?

We do offer private tutoring at our studio, online, and at your workplace.

Spanish for children?

We only offer private tutoring.

What is the Class Schedule

We have several groups for all levels every day week and Saturdays. Please contact us as they change periodically.

What Materials are needed?

We provide all the textbooks and materials for each level.

Are there Continuous programs?

Yes, we provide continuous programs for all levels. Please contact us as they change periodically.