Invest in Your Studio, Invest in Your Dreams

As Spanish teachers, you are always dreaming of the next opportunity that will enhance your ability to teach and improve your students’ education. Studio Español’s new studio operator program supports Spanish teachers’ next endeavor and gives them the independence to achieve their dreams.

Our program allows teachers to start their own business for Spanish speaking classes and Spanish language courses that are completely managed through their own teaching style and approach. Studio Español provides the foundation and knowledge for how to grow a language school so you can start your business at an affordable price with ongoing business support.

Studio Español believes your dreams for teaching should not be inhibited by financial concerns, so we made operating your own studio not just a dream, but a feasible and exciting reality!

The initial investment covers the resources and training necessary for jumpstarting your studio including:
Joaquin Frias doing language teaching

  • 2-day training workshop
  • Licensing of the Studio Español trademark
  • Custom website
  • Ongoing Digital marketing
  • Guide to select the best studio
  • Discounted interior decorations and furniture package
  • Access to training material
  • Protected territory
  • Financing

Common Questions

What will be covered in the workshop?

The workshop will cover all the aspects of establishing, running and profiting from
your studio, including finding the right location, furnishing, marketing, income sources, proposals, instructors, financials, etc.

Studio Español’s training and support will primarily focus on how to open and operate your own language studio with a minimum investment. While teaching Spanish language courses may be your area of expertise, running your own business requires additional skills that we ensure you’re properly trained and prepped with to help you succeed.

How much will studio operators make?

Similar to any other business, it is impossible to guarantee results; although, through Studio Español’s expertise in the field, our program is specifically designed to provide the business knowledge, resources, and support for how to grow a language school.

To learn about the experience of other studio operations, get in touch with Studio Español.

Is there an ongoing fee?

There is an ongoing fee based on the studio’s revenue which covers website maintenance, social media content, advertising, and ongoing training and support.

We are here to help your dreams become a business

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