Start Your Own Spanish Studio

Want to start your own Spanish linguistic academy or discover how to buy a language school? Studio Español has developed a program for Spanish teachers that want to advance their careers and become business owners!

Studio Español was founded with the intention of providing inviting, engaging, and fun Spanish language courses for students of all ages.

We understand the obstacles of starting and building a Spanish studio from the beginning. After years of successfully operating a Spanish studio, we developed a program for other Spanish teachers wanting to start their own studio. Our goal is to make the process of starting a business for Spanish speaking classes more attainable.

Studio Español offers a program to open and establish your own Spanish language studio. Part-time and full-time Spanish teachers and instructors can own and run your own business teaching Spanish language to profit from your passion.

Studio Español offers workshops and business guidance, including financing, studio decorating, marketing, and more to jumpstart your business and provide ongoing support. We ensure you are well prepared for running a successful business.

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Benefits of Becoming a New Studio Operator

Our new studio operator business model gives the freedom and resources for teaching quality Spanish language courses back to the instructor and offers the flexibility to control your work-life balance:

  • Low investment
  • Customized studio
  • Personal teaching method and curriculum
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Profitable business
  • Career enjoyment
  • Community of other language studio owners

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Common Questions

What is Studio Español’s role when I open my studio?

Wondering how to market a Spanish language program? Or how to create a customized website? Or how to successfully run a business? Studio Español shows you how to eliminate new business mistakes to save time and money.

Studio Español helps new studio owners jumpstart their business while offering ongoing business assistance in order to keep your studio running smoothly. This also allows you to focus on your passion for developing the curriculum and teaching your students.

How much does it cost to start my own studio?

Compared to the traditional method to buy a language school or start a linguistic academy, Studio Español provides an affordable option for starting your own business. The initial investment covers the training workshop fee, interior design and furniture, books and material, and more. It provides the necessary resources to start a business and how to grow a language school in a simple and straightforward package.

Learn more about the new studio investment with Studio Español.

How do I get started?

The first step is getting in touch with the Studio Español team by submitting an inquiry form. From there we will review the application and move into the onboarding process.

Find out how to become a language studio operator and what to expect at each stage.

May I teach other subjects?

While our recommendation is that studios focus primarily on offering Spanish language courses, each studio owner is allowed to offer other complementary subjects if desired.

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