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What is Studio Español?

Over the last decade, Studio Español has been the leader in providing Spanish language education throughout the metropolitan Detroit area to individuals, businesses and school-age students.

What We Offer

We now offer Spanish language educators the opportunity to own and manage their own Studio Español with our Studio Ownership Program.


  • Two-day workshop
  • Custom website
  • Protected territory
  • Usage of Studio Español Trademark & Logo
  • Discounted furniture packages
  • Marketing materials
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Access to business resources
  • Financing available


Tired of being confined to a specific curriculum? Becoming a studio owner allows YOU to decide what materials work best for your students.

Joaquin Frias teaching Spanish 'esta'


Need more flexible hours? Tired of working the same restrictive schedule with limited opportunities for growth? Becoming a studio owner, puts YOU in charge of these critical components of work and life satisfaction.

Joaquin Frias doing language teaching

Financial Success

Our Studio Ownership Program includes a workshop and ongoing support to give you the skills to manage your own business, based upon our successful and proven model. Unlike a tradition day job, becoming a Studio Español owner, provides you unlimited income potential.

Investment & Financing

Below is an estimated breakdown of the total investment- depending on location, studio size, and personal preferences.

There is a 15% ongoing fee of gross revenue to cover website hosting, digital marketing, ongoing support as well as usage of our trademark and protected territory.

We have a range of options to offer regarding financing: from Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for partial financing to full financing from a private source.

Estimated Investment
Studio Ownership Program fee $15,000
*Interior design and furniture *$11,000
*Office supplies *$1,000
*Books and Materials *$1,000
*Lease deposit *$1,500
*Estimated TOTAL *$29,500

*indicates estimated amount for items purchased independently by studio owner


What is Studio Español?

What do you offer?

What are some of the benefits of studio ownership?

What will be covered in the Workshop?

Is there an ongoing fee?

How much money and space do I need to open a Studio Español?

What is my role as a studio owner?

What are some of the qualifications needed to become a Studio Español owner?

What is the application and approval process?

Can I own a Studio Español and hire someone else to manage it?

Do I need to use your logo and trademark?

How was studio español affected by Covid 19?

About Us

Hola! I’m Joaquin Frias, founder of Studio Español  Originally from Madrid, Spain, I settled in the metro-Detroit area in 2002 after earning my MBA from Case Western University.  For a few years, I worked in the corporate world, but deep down I knew I wanted to have my own business.  I began teaching Spanish independently and part-time at local universities and soon realized there was a strong demand for high-quality Spanish language training.  For years I dreamt of opening my own studio, but didn’t know where to start: location? how big? how much? marketing? website? instructors? layout? furniture?.… you name it.  Since opening Studio Español in 2011, I have never looked back and I enjoy every minute!  I love planning my own schedule, honing my personal teaching style, and meeting interesting people… No bureaucracy or politics, just focusing on teaching and growing my studio.  Establishing and running a language studio from the ground up has been an incredibly exciting, gratifying, and profitable experience. 

As I was planning to expand and open other studios, I partnered with John Campbell. John is an expert in business development with an amazing track record of helping small businesses grow and expand. Now we are offering our Studio Ownership Program to language instructors who wish to own their own studios and need guidance and support to make their dream a reality.

We are THRILLED to work with you as you embark on this exciting and life-changing venture!

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