Do You Do Business in Mexico?

More and more, US companies do business with people across our borders.  Trade between Mexico and the US is growing.

Doing business in another country can be tricky – and not good for business — if you don’t know the language or understand the culture. Learning conversational Spanish can help you build trust and develop relationships.

In Mexico, meetings often begin with small talk. Having strong Spanish conversation skills will help you get to know your potential business partners personally, and they will get to know you better too. Not only that but knowing the language will help those long business trips be less stressful when you can easily take care of your daily needs in the local language.

At Studio Español, the teachers take a personal interest in each student. When they know why you want to learn Spanish, they can tailor the lessons to your needs and your learning pace. The results are wonderful. “A challenging class using a great workbook, but also a lot of fun, too! And he provides ample time to practice your Spanish in conversations with fellow students.”

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