Don’t Forget an Important School “Supply”

If you live in Michigan, the school year has begun. You bought needed supplies like paper, pencils and more. But don’t forget about one important school “supply” that you also need for a bright future — a foreign language class. Seleccionar Español (pick Spanish). “Why?” you ask.

  1. It will be very helpful to be bilingual in the future. The U.S. Census estimates that by 2060, the Hispanic population will reach approximately 119 million — or 26 percent of the total U.S. population.
  2. Thinking about a career in global business? Mexico is the United States’ third largest trading partner per the U.S. Census.
  3. Spring Break volunteer vacations in South America are popular. Costa Rica volunteer travel programs offer a unique opportunity to help small communities improve their wellbeing and create a sustainable future in ecologically important areas. You’ll feel more at home and be more helpful if you can speak the language.
  4. You’ll be able to read the menu at your favorite Mexican restaurant or Brazilian steakhouse.
  5. You’ll fulfill a graduation requirement.

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