The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

The pros and cons Of online learning. In the digital age, it only makes sense that there are a million apps that can help you learn a language. From Duolingo to Babbel, you can now learn another language at your fingertips, on practically any and every device.

There are some modern conveniences for taking Spanish classes online, this is true. But for an overall experience. Is this form of learning another language really worth it? Studio Español looks at both sides of the coin in this blog — read on to learn more. Sign up with our school today to get personal and fun Spanish classes in Birmingham!

Online Language Learning: Pros and Cons

From digital apps to Rosetta Stone, it’s never been easier to learn a second (or third, or fourth) language. Studio Español weighs out the pros and cons of this methodology.


Convenience: You can learn a little at a time, or a lot at a time, virtually whenever works for you. Waiting at the doctor’s office, at home before you go to bed. You can fire up the apps at practically any time. This means you get to create your own schedule. And can finetune learning a second language at times that are best for you.

Flexibility: Come down with a spring cold? Work keeping you late? Do you absolutely need to clean the house and pack before a big trip? With online language learning. It’s okay for you to skip a day or move around when you can start a lesson. Granted, it’s not ideal to skip a lesson. But the flexibility is a huge advantage on those days when there simply don’t seem to be enough hours. Let alone minutes — in the day.

Conversely, if you have a day full of free time, you can soar through some additional lessons as well. The flexibility of a Spanish class in the form of an app makes. This un opción popular for many people who want to learn the language. But don’t feel like they have a lot of time.

Cost: In many instances, you can download free apps (or at least, free versions of apps). To gain access to online language learning. This is a highly advantageous source for many people to utilize. Including teachers, students, and anyone else who’s trying to learn a second language on a budget.


Too Much Flexibility: Ask anyone who has used an app like Duolingo or Babbel, and they’ll probably tell you the same thing: they started using it, and eventually stopped. Taking a day off is far too easy to do, and once a learner realizes this, it’s nearly always game over from there. More and more days will be taken off from learning, until eventually, the app is forgotten about altogether. There might be the occasional thought of, “man, I should really get back on that app,” but thoughts aren’t what will help someone learn a language.

Free ≠ Good: If you don’t have to pay for a class, it will be far less of a loss to you if you stop studying, or stop using the online language learning tool. You won’t be losing any money, which helps many people justify the times that they don’t practice learning a second language.

When you do have to pay for a class, you are fiscally committed — which can make much more of a difference than we realize. It’s like with running a race: people are usually more likely to train for a race if they’ve paid for it and it’s a set commitment. By paying for a class, you’re making your language learning endeavors much more of a priority.

Experienced Teachers: As great as apps can be, there’s nothing quite like engaging in actual dialogue and conversation with a native Spanish speaker. They say living abroad is one of the best ways to pick up a language, and so much of this is because it’s learning out of necessity. The same can be said for taking a class with an experienced teacher — they can help you learn in a more authentic manner, while also personalizing instruction to tailor to your direct and immediate needs.

In our next blog, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons for taking an in-person Spanish class, like the ones that we offer at Studio Español in Birmingham. Stay tuned until next time, ¡y llamanos para instrucción excepcional de español!

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