Pros And Cons: In-Person Lessons

Spanish Phrase of the Day: ¡Buena suerte! (bwen-ah swear-tay)

Meaning: Good luck!

Welcome back to our blog series on the two major types of Spanish classes Birmingham! When learning a new language, most people opt for either an online app or program. They sign up for in-person lessons. In our previous pros and cons blog, we solely focused on online learning. Today we’re going to dive into taking in-person classes, like the ones offered at our language school in Birmingham.

Whether you’re trying to learn Spanish to help you in business and/or your job you’ve always wanted to learn just for fun. Or you’re trying to become 100% fluent. The Spanish classes Birmingham available at Studio Español are designed to meet your needs. Take a look at some of the pros and cons from in-person Spanish classes, and sign up today.

Pros of In-Person Classes

Accountability: When you sign up for Spanish classes, you have a commitment that you need to fulfill. It’s kind of like how many people do better with their fitness. When they’re training for something, like a marathon. When you know you have to go to something and prepare, you’re going to be more likely to do the work.

Our Spanish classes are perfect for helping anyone stay accountable for their learning. Our classes are especially helpful for anyone who knows they need that extra push. With online learning, most people end up letting their lessons fall to the wayside. Because it’s all too easy to skip a day or two when no one is expecting you to be there.

Conversation: Even the best apps can’t deliver the same experience as having a conversation in Spanish with an actual Spanish teacher and classmates. Conversation is the most important aspect of building Spanish fluency (as nerve-wracking as it can be). And it’s essential that you practice it often. When you attend an in-person lesson, you’ll have immediate feedback, and plenty of opportunities to practice speaking in Spanish. Online learning can be a useful tool, but it can’t provide you with the necessary experience of Spanish conversation.

Personable: For some people, learning another language at home is something that they relish. But for most (and especially for those who are truly trying to grow in their language skills). The community aspect of in-person lessons is highly appealing. You won’t only be learning Spanish, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends, and share in experiences with others.Spanish Classes Birmingham

Cons of In-Person Classes

Time Commitment: This is a big reason why many people choose online apps or programs when it comes to learning Spanish. There’s much more flexibility when choosing online learning. Because you can set your own schedule and engage in lessons when it works for you.

That being said, if learning Spanish is really a priority for you, making the time commitment of in-person lessons is practically essential. You can’t expect to get truly good at anything if you don’t set aside necessary time for practice.

More Affordable: There are tons of apps for learning languages that are free for users, or cost very minimal to download. For someone who’s worried about investing a lot of money into Spanish classes or doesn’t have that in their budget. It’s understandable to look for more affordable options.

But just as there was a caveat with our last con, it’s important to understand that you’re getting what you pay for (or what you don’t pay for). The apps might look awesome and have some great information and lessons, but your learning is not going to grow or expand nearly as much when you invest in more cost-effective options. Considering they lack the accountability, the in-person Spanish class experience, and the conversational piece, it makes sense why these online programs don’t cost as much.

No matter what, the fact that you’re taking Spanish classes Birmingham or are looking into it is an impressive decision, and one you should be proud of. More than 20 countries claim Spanish as their national language, and you can become quite the global citizen when you take on this language. Even though there are lots of options for language learning, none can truly compare to taking an in-person Spanish class. Sign up with Studio Español to get started!

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